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Service commitment

 Bidding equipments provided by us are new,unused.Our technology is mature and we are capable of manufacturing with several years’ experience of manufacturing.For the casting of equipments(resin sand)、machining(CNC lathe)、quality assurance、performance test and supply,installation guide commissioning.

The design、manufacturing and test of product are under ISO9002 quality assurance system.Unqualified products are not permitted to deliver.

Dynamic balancing test shall be carried out on all the impellers and rotor part.

Spare parts are universal and interchangeable,designed and manufactured by national standard.

Warranty period is 12 months after equipment is in test run for 168 hours.We carry out“three-guarantee”during warranty period.If there is any quality problem,we maintain or replace for free to make sure the equipment operates normally.

Technicians shall be dispatched to the site to proceed the installation and commissioning to make sure the equipment operates normally.

We provide training for the operators.

We will respond your quality problem and will get to the site within 24-36 hours to deal with the problem until it is resolved.

Spare parts are provided.

We visit the users regularly,understand and summarize the users’ opinion for the product to improve the quality of product.

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